15+ years' experience within TV ,film industries and games
Thorough technical knowledge of Maya ( since the very first
Programming knowledge of MEL scripting ,Python,,Java, C++ .and Render Man shading language.
Also proficient with Motion Builder ,Photoshop, Shake, Nuke, Cubase.
Excellent understanding of anatomy and am specialized in the
creation of set up for animals and humans characters.
Supervised and mentored students on Maya basics to advanced lessons
(more than 100 students).
ˇ 2000 - 2002 Maya Master Classes: I attended all the Maya master
classes in New Orleans , Los Angeles and in San Antonio .
Additional Experience in Oil Painting and drawings.
ˇPublished author of ‘Incontri Ravvicinati: Interviste Agli Specialisti
Italiani Del Cinema Digitale’ - a book about computer graphics and an
upcoming book about Film Character Pipeline.
Specialties: Rigging, Creatures TD, Mel Scripting, Python Scripting
,Muscles Rigging , Birds Rigging,Facial Rigging.